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  1. Optimize your Decorations by Purchasing Chair Covers

    Chair Covers

    Optimize your Decorations by Purchasing Chair Covers

    Protect your chair from dirt, splashes, and normal wear with these elegant chair covers. Made of 85% polyester for durability and comfort, these covers contain 15% spandex for stretch and a perfect fit. On Elegant Event Essentials, many chairs covers are available at the sale price.

    Dining Chair Cover

    It may be time to invest in a dining chair cover tailored to your dining room and give it the right height. Whether you like the snug-fitting spandex dining room chair covers

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  2. Why is the chair cover so important?

    Chair Cover

    Why is the chair cover so important? 

    Simply put, chair covers are an important part of reception design. We believe that the chair cover is next to the tablecloth, napkin, sash, and chair bow. Read on to find the top 5 reasons why event planners and DIY brides like to buy wedding chair covers. 

    1 Easy to install and remove 

    The chair cover is relatively easy to assemble and disassemble at the end of the day, regardless of material. Polyester and pleated chair covers for folding and banquet chairs are easy and hassle-free to put on and take off. Alternatively, the Elastane chair cover stretches for a wrinkle-free fit and has leg pockets for attaching the elastic chair cover to the chair.

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